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Jade Environmental Engineering, PLLC is a small cap design/build engineering company that provides consulting, testing and construction management services to commercial property owners and lenders throughout North America. In addition to our private sector clientele, Jade has been contracted by various local municipalities, state agencies and spent three years providing environmental consulting to the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. We've worked closely for the past 25+ years with state and local agencies, in commenting when comment was requested thus establishing the environmental regulatory framework that exist today. Although this framework may appear complicated, years of working with the regulatory body proves to provide the best options to owners, buyers and/or builders via options such as Brownsfield which provides significant incentives for developers of contaminated properties in the forms on not only grants for the actual cleanup but grants for the proposed rebuild.

Jades purpose is to help our clientele navigate through the sometimes complicated environmental decision matrix process, thus resulting in development plans that may incorporate site remediation activities that ultimately result in an improvement in soil, groundwater and soil gas conditions at the development Site.
Jades objective is to add value to our clientele developments by helping them select and navigate through the best available state program based on existing conditions, resulting in a final development in full compliance with all applicable regulations at minimal cost, if any based on grants associated with select programs.
If you are contemplating development of a previously developed parcel or group of parcels, please dont hesitate to contact our office prior to initiating any actions so that we may discuss what programs may be available to you and the awards associated with them.

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